Inspire-Ring &
Soul Locket

Hatch was invited as one of 13 creative collaborators to contribute to the inaugural IEX Asian Heritage collection by Ideas Empire. The brief was to create a series of contemporary accessories, taking inspiration from artefacts chosen from the Asian Civilisations Museum of Singapore.

Our first design, the
Inspire-Ring, is a fun and modern piece of accessory with dual functionality inspired by the silver jewellery of hill tribes from

Northern Thailand. Made from colourful acrylic, the top of the ring can be detached and looped through a chain to become a pendant.

Our second design, the Soul Locket, is inspired by hill tribe silver and dokoh, a Malay amulet. Crafted in aluminium using precision engineering techniques and subsequently plated in silver, it features a secret drawer that can be used to hold a special message for a loved one.